It’s unbelievable to us that what we discussed and dreamed about, and planned for so long is now actually built and we live here. It is more beautiful than we ever imagined.

Thank you for designing our home. It truly is our dream home.

Posted By: Susan & Jason Hughes

Just wanted to share with you how much I appreciated your time and knowledge yesterday. For the first time in 2 (yes 2) long years I feel like we are moving ahead instead of spinning in a pool of excuses and miscommunication. You speak our language and even more importantly you speak the language that our contractor needs.

Our day, week, month and year was made yesterday and I wanted to share with you how grateful we are. Eric and I are both in health care and we like to know that we make a difference in people’s lives. You did that yesterday for our family!!! Not sure home designers hear that often so I wanted to give that to you! I’m still smiling this morning.

Posted By: Amy L. Kimball, MPT, ATC

It has been a challenging project but also one that has given me a lot of satisfaction as to how it is coming together. I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to build this home and I love the ideas that you came up with. The Hoeppners have been wonderful people to work for and are getting anxious to move in. This has been a wonderful experience for me and has been a pleasure to have gotten to know you as well, I would always jump at the chance to work with you again and it’s fun following what you do as well.

Posted By: Van Butler

We have worked with Ahmann Design for over fifteen years and I plan to work with them for the next fifteen years. Our experiences have always been positive, the people are knowledgeable professionals who take pride in their work and they have never let us down or disappointed. I have always felt that using Ahmann Design plans has added value to the homes we build. Our clients are pleased as well. Having worked with many plans over the last 20 years, I can attest that Ahmann Design plans are unsurpassed. I recommend Ahmann Design highly.

Posted By: Randy Hahn H&H Home Builders

Pat and I both were very impressed and grateful for the flexibility Ahmann Design showed in working around our schedules for meetings. We felt you were a great listener and eager to offer suggestions and ideas to improve on our visions.

Several friends, neighbors and family members have made the comment…” You guys thought of everything!”… Well, we know, we couldn’t have done that without the help and guidance of Allison McGraw and Ahmann Design. We dearly love our new home. We find the many special features you helped guide us to include in our plan are making the difference between owning a nice house or owning a wonderful and unique home! THANKS…We couldn’t be happier!

Posted By: Jeff and Pat Swartzendruber

Of great importance to me is the customer service that your company provides. Allison and the team respond to me quickly and provide the information requested.

Posted By: Jack Campbell

Sattler Homes has been a very happy customer of Ahmann Design since the start of their business. We use their plan books “Traditions and Trends” and we use Ahmann Design for custom designed homes.

We have built many award winning homes from plans drawn and designed by Ahmann Design. Currently we work with Allison McGraw who is a pleasure to work with and her expertise makes the design process a great experience for our customers and us. We have had many customers tell us how much they enjoyed working with Allison.

I would strongly recommend Ahmann Design for anyone looking for a stock plan or to custom design a new home.

Posted By: Michael Sattler, Sattler Homes Inc.

We at Vander Linden Construction, Inc. have appreciated working with the Ahmann Design team for several years, and have found them to be professional and attentive to our needs as a contractor, and very helpful with each of our individual clients. They have provided us with professional plans and specifications that are easy to build from and very competitively priced. Allison our design consultant has been very attentive to our needs and has made the design process very enjoyable for our clients and us. They have always provided us what we need in a timely manner. We can’t say enough about Ahmann Design and how their services have helped our company provide a quality product.

Posted By: David L. Vander Linden President

When my husband and I decided to build for the first time, a friend told us to buy a plan book and order blue prints. So glad we did not do that! Allison at Ahmann Design has been very helpful offering us ideas that would work well with the style of house we built and suggested changes that we never would have thought of. Everything worked great! We truly enjoyed working with Allison and Ahmann Design. We would definitely use them again and will suggest to family and friends.

Posted By: Paul and Chris Hartman

Ahmann design has been drawing my plans for several years. Their attention to detail and ability to listen to what my clients and I want 
make the plan process smooth. The imagination, creativity and producing a workable
plan make Ahmann Design a winner for Acheson Construction.

Posted By: Donnie Acheson, Acheson Construction, Inc

The choice to make Randy and Ahmann Design part of our team at Brighton Homes was the best decision we’ve ever made. Randy is an exceptional listener and his ability to capture what a client is looking for in a custom home is amazing. Whether we are modifying one of the huge numbers of existing floor plans they have in their library or starting completely from scratch the value we get for their time is unparalleled. Randy’s creativity and common sense approach makes the actual building process very straightforward. The service we receive while construction is taking place is unrivaled by any other company we have used. In short, Brighton Homes has found a partner in Randy and Ahmann Design that will be an invaluable asset for many years to come.

Posted By: Tony Burroughs and Brian Hoodjer, Brighton Homes

Drake Homes enjoys bringing clients to Ahmann Design because they make us look so good! Randy is professional and has great design ideas. Clients feel comfortable from the time they are introduced to Ahmann Design. Randy puts them at ease with his wit and his ability to take what the client visions and get it on a plan

Posted By: Todd and Christy Drake, Drake Homes