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What defines a unique house plan?

With so many designers in the market, and several big publishing companies representing tens of thousands of plans, it's hard to decide what makes your house plan unique to you. Is it the angled garage? The cute little curving roof over the porch? Or the amazing brick that you had shipped in from Italy just for the front of your home? The actual answer is yes, yes, and yes again. It's the combination of exterior finishes that you pick for your home combined with the interior plan and the lay of your lot that all make your house plan uniquely you. And with so many unique home plans on the market, you can find many different combinations of room configurations and exterior options. In our portfolio, we even have house plans that have several different design styles that work for one individual plan. That's why when you look at a specific plan from our library, you'll also find several additional plans listed below with many of those same features for you to explore.

Let's take a look at some of the more popular exterior design options that make house plans unique:

  • Angled garage. As you browse our portfolio of premium house plans, you'll notice that there are plenty of house plans that feature an angled garage. If your lot size allows, this is a quickly obvious way to make your home stand out from the rest of those on the block. This is a trend have been seeing a lot in our custom market, and other areas of the country are seeing it as well.
  • Thick trim. One of the first things people tend to cut out when building a new home is the thick trim that defines the gables, windows, and corners of the plan. Is that trim necessary? We think so! Keeping that extra trim and making it heavy, adds detail to your unique home that will give it an extra boost when people see your home. Most of our homes are trimmed with an 8-inch frieze board coupled with a smaller 4-inch board to give the home a 1-foot boost.
  • Color. Choosing a trim color that's a different color from the rest of the siding, stone, or brick color helps to emphasize the unique angles, offsets, and areas of the home exterior. Consider, for example, a dark charcoal siding color paired with white trim and a lighter gray stone. The contrast achieved creates a stunning look that's hard to ignore. And don't forget the corner boards. Using a white or light trim color that contrasts the siding color is the perfect way to create a look unique to your house plan.
  • Beams and brackets. Don't be afraid to add beams to the gables of your home to create a unique look. And if you add them, make them bold and thick to make a statement. You can even consider making them the same color as the trim or staining them a wood color to contrast with the trim.
  • Columns. Another area that often gets overlooked are the columns that define the entry to a unique home. Don't be afraid the make them big and make them bold. Narrow columns can be great in a more modern house plan design, but on acraftsman house plan, traditional or country French home, it's better to allow them to make a statement.

At the end of the day, it is the combination of the various exterior elements that can be used to create many different unique options for a single house plan. Don't be afraid to do you.

What are some of the interior options found in unique home plans?

Just as there are some exterior finishes that make a house plan unique, there are interior options that also contribute to unique house plans. There are many combinations of rooms, design finishes, and extra touches that can be added to a plan to make it unique. The important thing to remember is that the home should be practical for your needs, but that it also has a bit of "you" in it. Of course, the lot you choose will also help to direct you as you look for a unique house plan. For example, a wooded lot offers views from the main living area that begs for a rear great room, or even a rear covered porch and/or sunroom.

Here are several of the things that can help make your house plan unique:

  • Color. Don't be afraid of color, or even "lack" of color. Grays are very popular right now, but so are white walls with white cabinets and white counters accented with pops of color brought in through the use of pillows and artwork.
  • Open entry. There's nothing more dramatic than an entry with a 2-story ceiling, an art niche' or a spiral staircase. The way you finish the staircase is the perfect opportunity to add unique features to your home plan through the use of metal railings, painted stairs, etc.
  • Ceiling details. Don't forget to lookup. The ceiling is the perfect place to add something that's unique to your home, beams are an affordable way to make a huge impact. Many of the plans in our portfolio have already been designed with beams, vaults, and trays that help define specific spaces within the home, and we can customize any of our plans to include specific details. Just give us a call at 1-800-725-6852 to modify any home in our portfolio.
  • Unique rooms. Many people choose to finish their lower levels, and we've seen everything including bars, family rooms, tanning rooms, and exercise spaces. If you have a need, we can create a space in your house plan that is unique to you.

It is the combination of interior and exterior finishes, room placement, and attention to detail like the ceiling beams that all work together to create a house plan that is unique to you. And at the end of the day, your home should reflect your personality, your needs, and your family.

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