10 Rustic Home Design Ideas

10 Rustic Home Design Ideas Rustic style houses are true gems. Because “rustic” is more of an aesthetic description than a specific design philosophy, you can choose from many design styles and incorporate rustic elements to create a rustic home design that’s all yours. These 10 ideas will help you and your builder get started on a rustic home design.

1) Timber framing and tongue-and-groove ceilings and walls are classic elements of rustic design. Go for a light, open look with a high ceiling and/or a lofted area to gain the maximum visual benefit from the rustic-style framing, ceiling and walls.

2) Your color palette will automatically include a lot of warm browns and grays if you’re using a lot of natural materials, but you don’t have to be stuck with a monochromatic look that all seems to blend together. Try lighter, brighter materials as the dominant visual component and accent with bright colors that are found in nature, like indigo.

3) Mixed textures with natural materials help visually connect your home with nature. Abundant rough-hewn wood in your home’s interior gives your home the appearance of a comfortable mountain lodge. Stone components, like a stacked stone fireplace, provide a cooler complement to the warm wood.

4) Warm lighting, like accent lights with a slight yellow tint or even “warm white,” makes great rooms or living rooms feel cozier. Lower color temperatures in the 2000-3000K range have a warmer appearance than those at the higher end of the range.

5) Large windows let you take advantage of the views outside your home, which is especially important in the rural and woodsy surroundings where these homes are usually found. Consider large windows on multiple sides of the home so you can enjoy different aspects of the view and let natural light into multiple rooms.

6) A large, comfortable kitchen and dining room bolster the lodge look and give you plenty of space to entertain guests. Think about features like a large picnic-style table or a copper oven hood that will complement the rustic design style without stealing too much attention.

7) Walkout basements or mudrooms. Rustic house design tends to go hand in hand with homeowners who enjoy exploring the outdoors, and with outdoor pursuits come outdoor equipment. Build in a space where you can change out of wet and muddy clothes and stash your outdoor gear instead of tracking water and mud into the house.

8) Garages and other storage spaces aren’t as common with rustic-type house design as they are with other design styles, but not only are they useful, they give you the opportunity for a bonus room or in-law apartment.

9) Extended outdoor living spaces. Rustic design is all about embracing the natural world and your home’s surroundings, and nothing says “outdoors” like a design that flows smoothly from inside to outside. Accomplish this with a large patio or deck, an expansive porch, a deluxe outdoor cooking area or even a water feature.

10) Low-maintenance landscaping is the perfect complement to a rustic home. Plants that are native to your area tend to require much less attention than other species and don’t need to be watered as often, lowering your water bills.

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