Our Favorite 6 Bedroom House Plan Styles

We love designing homes to fit all of our client’s needs, and for some that need is for a six-bedroom home to accommodate a large family or ample guest space. These homes are typically designed as a forever home, allowing the spaces to grow with a family. With so much potential living space, it can be intimidating to design a home of this size. But don't worry - we've rounded up a list of our favorite styles for 6 bedroom house plans that are sure to make your decision-making easier! Whether you're looking for something traditional and classic, or unique and eye-catching, we've got the perfect housing plan to fit your needs. Keep reading to explore all the possibilities!

Two-Story Bedroom House Plans 

If you're in the market for a cool home that provides ample space for large families, a 6-bedroom two-story house plan could be the perfect solution. Not only does it offer plenty of bedrooms for everyone, but it also allows for various living spaces throughout the home. Imagine having separate areas for kids to play, adults to relax and socialize, and even a dedicated home office. Two story spaces give you the spaces need to accommodate all those amenities. Additionally, with two stories, there's the potential for a stunning staircase to serve as a focal point in the entranceway as shown in plan 55015. Overall, a 6-bedroom two-story house plan lends itself to both functionality and style, making it a great choice for those seeking a spacious and cool new home.

Craftsman House Plans

6 Bedroom Craftsman house plans are a popular choice for those in search of spacious homes that exude architectural details and traditional charm. With six bedrooms, these homes provide ample space for families of all sizes. The hallmark and benefits of craftsman houses is their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. A blend of different architectural styles, these homes feature elements such as handcrafted woodwork, exposed beams, and natural materials, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. These homes offer a perfect balance of comfort, elegance, and functionality, making them great for families who value plenty of space and modern amenities while still cherishing the timeless appeal of traditional design. Plan 66719LL offers just that with keeping a budget-friendly approach by simplifying the footprint size and shape as well as a less comprehensive roof plan. This allows a client to build a beautiful home with maximum space and minimum costs.


French Country House Plans

One of our classic design styles featured on our six-bedroom plan 59016LL is French Country.  Our French country designs brought Ahmann Design to its success in our early years, and it is a trend that continues to stay popular with our customers. With curved lines and masonry incorporated into the exterior you will find a rustic and timeless elegance. French country homes are usually one and a half or two stories with means there is plenty of room for a growing family.  A 1.5 story home with a main floor master would allow for a long-term build or forever home, minimizing steps for the main residents of the home as they age. More spacious designs may also feature additional lounging and living areas such as sunrooms or hearth rooms.


Fortunately, there are a variety of 6 bedroom house plans to choose from, ranging from two-story homes, craftsman homes, Ranch styles and Farmhouse style homes. Choosing the right combination of bedrooms and layout requires research and thoughtfulness to ensure your new home is perfect for you and your family’s needs. Let our home plan designers work with you to ensure your needs and wants are incorporated into your perfect house plan today!

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