Explore French Country House Plans

Explore French Country House Plans 

Harkening back to the French countryside, French Country house plans blend pastoral European charm with modern American adaptations to create a style all their own. These comfortable homes are inspired by houses ranging from small cottages to grand chateaus and feature layouts that can be customized to any homeowner. Could your site benefit from one of these sophisticated structures? 

Typical Design Features. No matter the size, French Country homes typically feature some combination of stone, brick and stucco on the exterior and wood beams, plaster walls and stone floors inside. Curved lines and soft lines pair with stonework to give French Country houses a warm, rustic feeling with an almost handcrafted appearance. Hip or mansard roofs are usually packed with visual interest thanks to multiple focus points. Elegant stone arches accent multi-paned windows and entries. These classic design principles lend themselves to any size, from a humble farmhouse to a spectacular estate, so no matter what size of home your family requires, there's a French Country house plan that will fit your needs.

Garden terraces off of the main living areas are a popular addition to French Country houses as they're an easy way to add stunning visuals outside gathering spaces. Position them close to the largest expanses of windows for maximum effect. Round towers that impart a regal effect are another common choice, especially for larger houses, and balconies are a welcome amenity that looks right at home on the exterior of a Country French home.

Why Choose a French Country House Plan? The French countryside aesthetic lends itself to many settings but arguably fits best in upscale suburban neighborhoods, especially on sites with enough green space to echo the original rural settings of the design style. French Country house plans can be as straightforward or extravagant as you'd like, but generally appeal to people who prize curb appeal, as these stately homes are unmistakable. Their pastoral look mixes well with extensive landscaping and natural surroundings, so they're a great match for people who enjoy spending time outside and maintain well-kept landscaping, perhaps with a few wildflowers to echo the style's country beginnings. Gardens are a similarly good match for these rustic houses.

French Country  houses are usually two stories with a rectangular footprint, which means plenty of room for a growing family or a couple that needs extra room for storage or hobbies. A French Country style home would also be a great fit for a family that loves antiquing and decorating, as the right pieces would greatly complement the 17th-18th Century aesthetic of the house. Choosing the home that fulfills your needs and fits your site isn't a decision to be made lightly, so take some time to look through the available house plans (French Country style or otherwise) and choose the one that best balances design and amenities with affordability and maintainability. You just might find that a classic country chateau is a place you'd like to call home.

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