The Benefits of a Craftsman Style Homes

The Benefits of a Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman style homes offer intricate facades, stuccos, and shingles. The craftsman style home is an iconic design. Offering a classic American look and feel born out of early twentieth century Southern Californian architecture. Offering the unique flavour of the American landscape with a mix of old English arts and crafts.  The craftsman style home was extremely popular across the first three decades of the last century. In recent years the classic design of the craftsman style has seen a stylistic revival. New variants of the old style are re-appearing on the streets and developments of modern American cities and towns. With this newfound popularity and resurgence, we thought we might take a look at why the classic craftsman style home is the choice of many new homeowners and the benefits that living in such a house can bring.

The classic aesthetic of the craftsman style home

There is a great charm to living in a home that's built to high-quality and design. Craftsman style homes deliver a classic aesthetic that harks back to bygone eras. The craftsman style home offers a chance to live in a home that offers a timeless quality, while nodding to the great styles of the past. The craftsman style home allows for a lifestyle in keeping with the modern world.


The craftsman style home is a generation spanning design. The craftsman style home design uses materials having both a timeless quality and durability. High quality designed homes utilizing a blend of brick, stucco, and timber.  Adaptability A range of roof styles: front gabled, cross gabled, side gabled and hipped roof, blend with personalized designs of window fronts, pillars, and posts. The craftsman style ensures that each house delivers its own unique look and its own unique use of the footprint available, yet retaining a look that's identifiably craftsman and classically built.


An iconic element of the craftsman style home is the charm of having your very own front porch. A beautifully crafted outdoor living space offers a classic look and feel for your home. Home owners can enjoy the additional living space for relaxation and entertainment.

Built to Order

The heart of the craftsman style home concept is the fact that homeowners can have a real impact on the design on their house. The homes are typically built around the wishes, needs, and tastes of those who'll be living there; from the layout of the rooms, to the pitch of the roof. A classic style at the heart of American house building heritage, craftsman style homes can deliver beautiful family homes that are designed to meet the requirements of the owners, yet offering an aesthetic appeal that spans across generations.

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