2017’s Top Home Lighting Trends

2017's Top Home Lighting Trends

Is your home's lighting doing its job? Lighting should do more than just illuminating a dark room - it sets the mood for each space and plays an important role in making your home comfortable and hospitable. These trends won't fade away anytime soon, so try them on for size. You just might find a perfect match for your home.

Home Lighting - Statement fixtures

This year's Parade of Homes revealed the emerging popularity of large statement pendants, a noteworthy change from the minimalist pendants of years past. Homes with vaulted ceilings are especially good candidates, as this allows the pendant to take center stage as a focal point for the room. Look for a classic globe, a geometric shape, thin barrels, or bell-shaped downlights to create a stunning visual effect in the kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. Blown glass makes a bold statement and lends the room an artistic touch.

Smart lighting controls

Imagine being able to control the intensity and color temperature of any room from your phone or a simple wall switch. Residential lighting control packages are fairly easy to retrofit into an existing home thanks to inexpensive wireless hardware and many offer the option to control the lights with user-friendly apps. Soothing, warm light with a gradual dim that prompts your body to fall asleep at night is a great choice for bedrooms, while the kitchen or a child's playroom would benefit from brighter lighting with a cheery feel.

Mid-century Modern Style Lighting

This timeless aesthetic never really faded away, but nonetheless, shows like Mad Men€ have led to a renewed interest in the clean lines and minimalism that are typical of Midcentury Modern design. The right Midcentury lighting is both contemporary and iconic at the same time, allowing it to stay on trend even when it can't be classified as trendy. Look for pieces that harken back to the style's 1950s heyday without looking too stuffy or old-fashioned, like a Sputnik-style chandelier or an hourglass pendant.

Warm metals for home lighting

Brushed gold in particular is making a comeback now that designers are embracing it again. The brushed finish results in a more understated appearance than a polished or satin finish would have, allowing the gold to seamlessly blend with a wide spectrum of styles and colors. Brass and copper are also great options for light fixtures, as the light bounces off them to create a warm, welcoming glow.

Ultra-efficient light sources

No longer the cold, sterile lighting of years past, LEDs have made leaps and bounds in both quality and affordability. Decreasing prices make them an option for homeowners who may not have even considered them before, and thanks to innovative manufacturers, LED lighting can be tuned to nearly any color temperature or intensity, allowing it to mimic classic incandescent lighting without the heat. LEDs are known for a long lifetime, minimal maintenance, and low energy use, making this light source a perfect fit for almost any room.

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