2018’s Hottest Home Design Trends

2018's Hottest Home Design Trends

Warm naturals, rich textures and bold colors are likely to dominate home design as white kitchens, stainless steel and other uses of cool neutral palettes fall out of favor. Looking to build a new home or update the look of your current residence? These home design trends are poised to grow in 2018. 

Kitchens Warm colors and natural materials are making a big splash this year. Instead of all-white kitchens or a suite of stainless steel appliances, homeowners are opting for warmer color palettes, rich woods, and appliances in darker colors, thanks in part to the growing popularity of the farmhouse style. For example, a sink made of stone, copper, granite composite, or concrete provides a sturdy, yet eye-catching solution that won't become outdated quickly. Warm brass tones will replace cold stainless steel for faucets, handles and knobs.  

Update the back splash with tiles that look like stone, wood, fabric, or even wallpaper rather than the subway and hexagon tiles that previously dominated kitchen design. Alternatively, opt for larger tiles or slab-sized sheets of porcelain that are easier to install and maintain thanks to their reduced need for grout.  

Bathrooms  The farmhouse aesthetic is impacting bathroom design as well, especially in the increasing popularity of trough or bucket sinks, which offer both a rustic throwback look and a basin that's wider and deeper than most home sinks. If you're not pursuing a farmhouse look, consider implementing more of an earthy spa design for the bathroom embracing some of this year's other hot trends, like concrete accents and furnishings or vintage-style lighting.  

Bedrooms  2018 will find bedroom design embracing a much more relaxed and cool look that sets the space apart from the warm woods and bold patterns that are popular for other spaces. The bedroom's function as a refuge for its owner will be reflected in an almost minimalist look that prioritizes soft oversized floras, soothing color palettes and laid-back, non-fussy design. Mill-work walls and detailing will expand into bedrooms from the bathrooms and kitchens where it's traditionally found. This spa-like quality is complete with vibrant patterned plants that inject a visually interesting pop of green without overpowering the relaxed vibe of the rest of the space. Pins for patterned plants skyrocketed on Pinterest in 2017 in the last year, indicating that implementation of this leafy trend is about to take off.  

Exteriors  The exterior of the home is increasingly becoming a canvas for making a statement rather than just a monochromatic complement to its surroundings. It's important for the exterior not to clash with its architecture and landscaping, but there's still plenty of room for homeowners to take some risks with colors and contrast. Look for exteriors to embrace a mixture of lights and dark in similar colors, like dark gray with a white trim or dark blue with a gray trim, combined with a door in a bright, bold color like red or lime green to tie it all together. Ensure that the home complements its surroundings by looking at the architecture or landscape features for the main color, then building out a selection of lighter and darker shades in the same spectrum.  

Siding choices are also likely to expand in the new year as homeowners seek to add more texture to their exteriors. Instead of choosing one consistent type of siding, try using the same style in several different widths or two different styles in the same color. Brick or stone no longer need to be the focus of the exterior, but will still be a welcome complement that adds more texture to the design.

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