4 Bedroom House Plans: Flexibility and Functionality

4 Bedroom House Plans: Flexibility and Functionality

Whether you already have a big family or are simply looking for room to spread out, four-bedroom house plans offer plenty of space to house the whole family, lots of friends or multiple hobbies. Depending on the size of your site, four-bedroom house plans are available in one-story, two-story or even larger designs. Ask yourself these questions to see if a four-bedroom house plan is right for you.

Is this a primary residence?  If you’re moving into this house, design it with your own family in mind. If it’s a rental property or a second home that you’ll use occasionally, think about the most likely uses of that home. For example, if you plan to rent the property out as a source of income, can you handle upkeep and regular cleanings for such a large home? Is there enough demand in your area for four-bedroom homes to keep the property filled regularly? If this is a vacation home for your family instead, how many people will typically be there at once? Is it just for your own family to use, or is it a destination for your extended family as well?

How many people occupy the house regularly? Do you have a big family already or are you planning to grow the one you have? If you have more kids on the way or are planning ahead for elderly parents to move in later, you might foresee yourself feeling cramped in a smaller house. The headcount of people who live there should also impact your decision about how many bathrooms to put in. The master bedroom should have its own private bathroom, but the number of available guest bathrooms is an important decision. It can be tempting to go with a smaller number to save space and money, but too few bathrooms can spell disaster if you have a large family or throw parties regularly. Compromise by adding one or two half-bathrooms for guest spaces or home offices and save the full bathrooms for full-time residents.

How many bedrooms will function as bedrooms year-round?  If you don’t need four bedrooms but occasionally host large get-togethers, consider keeping one or two of the spare bedrooms as bedrooms and put a Murphy bed or pull-out couch in your home office, exercise room or whatever use you’ve assigned to the fourth bedroom. That way, the extra bedrooms can be placed into service whenever they’re needed, but you’re not stuck with a guest room that goes unused most of the year.

Do you need a basement? Some plans can be customized with a choice of a basement or crawlspace. If the area will be used primarily for storage, you may be able to get by with a crawlspace. On the other hand, a finished basement can become a rec room, home theater or even another guest bedroom with the right design. If you decide to make the basement another entertainment space and your site allows, consider a walkout basement that allows guests another way to access the space. The extra entry can open onto a patio or other outdoor entertainment area.

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