5 Design Trends to Revamp Your Bathroom

5 Design Trends to Revamp Your Bathroom

Hospitality-inspired bathroom design is booming this year as homeowners incorporate hotel- and spa-like elements. Crisp, clean lines and luxurious amenities can turn any restroom into a personal refuge. Try out these timeless trends in your home.

1) Spa Style Bathroom

Create your own home spa with faux wood tile and a warm wooden bath vanity. Cheerful green plants add to the calming natural surroundings. Pump up the bathroom spa factor with a bench for your shower or a clawfoot tub, accompanied by small nooks that allow your soaps, lotions, and extra towels to add to the ambiance in addition to their original purpose. Top it off with a special shower-head - choose a detachable handheld one for a relaxing shower experience or one with a Bluetooth speaker built in to add musical accompaniment to your home spa bathroom.

2) Strong Neutrals with Subtle Colors for the Bathroom

All-white bathrooms are on the way out. Inject some drama with dark gray tiles or light gray walls and complement it with brushed metal fixtures. If you have a standalone shower, try lighter tile inside paired with darker tile throughout the rest of the restroom to really make the shower area pop. A splash of color adds a cheerful note - try picking a single bright hue for towels, toothbrush holders, and other small items to weave color throughout without overwhelming the neutrals.

3) Throwback Tile for your Bathroom

Classic subway tile never goes out of style, so this dependable surface is a safe bet for any bathroom renovation. Alternatively, try tiles that have a vintage look, like swirly Moroccan motifs. Black and white patterned tiles add oomph to a bathroom that's otherwise gray and white. The retro white octagonal tiles interspersed with black diamonds are another way to make the floor pop without using colors that are too busy.

4) Statement Bathroom Fixtures and Furnishings

Nothing sets your bathroom apart more than an unexpected centerpiece. Consider a floating vanity; they can be customized to nearly any height and evoke an artistic, personalized look. Top it off with a vessel sink with an interesting shape, color or texture. If you're bored with the standard vitreous china, consider glass, stone, copper or steel. If you have enough room, one or two pieces of furniture can impart a similar effect. A simple upholstered stool for the vanity or an ottoman to relax on while you primp for the day go a long way toward turning a generic bathroom into a real asset.

5) Bathroom Lighting with Character

There are two important considerations for bathroom lighting - the general ambient lighting and decorative accent lighting. Both offer opportunities for visual impact, but in different ways. For general lighting, try replacing boring ceiling-mounted fixtures with an elaborate chandelier or colorful or shaped pendants that add visual interest. Alternatively, a handful of sconces around the room can serve the same purpose. If you need extra light around your vanity, try a simple table lamp on the counter in a color or shape that complements the room's general design scheme or a couple of sconces next to the mirror. Be sure to use lighting that can be dimmed so that you can customize the light level to your needs - turning the lights a bit lower and adding some candles can really add a special ambiance to a long soak in the tub.

Decorative lighting can be used in several areas to spice up your bathroom. Backlighting around a mirror won't help light the room, but does give off a warm light that softens the look of the space. Targeted lighting adds a nice complement to artwork, furnishings, or special fixtures like a clawfoot tub.

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