5 Hot Landscaping Trends for 2017

5 Hot Landscaping Trends for 2017

Thoughtful design and an extension of cozy indoor living are making their mark on landscape design this year. 2017 is landscaping trends are all about creating an outdoor oasis that is cozy, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Try one of these strategies to craft a lush landscape that fits your lifestyle.

1) Easy and Eco-Friendly

Trees, shrubs, and plants that are native to your area have already become accustomed to your local climate, pests, and conditions, which cuts down on upkeep requirements and gives you more time to enjoy your creation. A horticulturist can walk you through local options and help you select species that work with your existing landscape.Variety is the key to keeping low-maintenance landscapes form looking boring.

Choose plants with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors and layer them to add visual interest - for example, plants with shiny leaves next to plants with matte leaves. Shades of vibrant green will replace colorful flowers in many residential landscapes this year, according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

2) Beautiful Bounty

Gardens of healthy fruit, vegetables, or herbs are a treat for both the eyes and the palate.Trees bearing tantalizing apples, tall groupings of colorful peppers, and bountiful bunches of chives or dill inject some variety into the textures and colors of your landscape. They are also a great accompaniment to outdoor entertainment - what better way to show off your space than by harvesting a side dish or dessert straight f0rm your own crop? Some edible plants, such as rosemary or culinary lavender, have tantalizing aromas that serve as the perfect foil for an outdoor kitchen. Basil in particular comes in a number of varieties with distinct scents, including lemon and chocolate. Even flowers like pansies, violets, and nasturtium can be used as spices in sauces or other dishes.

3) Calming Creations

Flashy landscaping styles are giving way to serene spaces where homeowners can relax and escape. Water features are a great way to introduce the calming sound of flowing water and can be designed to fit any budget. Small portable fountains or self-contained units are an affordable way to start transforming a backyard into a personal oasis. Homeowners with bigger budgets may opt for an elaborate water wall or a natural rock waterfall to create a stunning centerpiece for outdoor gatherings. Ponds are another attractive option that homeowners and guests alike will love; add plants and flowers around the perimeter, underwater lighting, and koi fish to increase the ponds visual appeal.

4) Rustic Recreation

2017 landscapes are increasingly echoing the Danish concept of hygge or cultivating a cozy atmosphere by embracing simple pleasures, NALP notes. Embrace this aesthetic with warm woods and stone that give hardscaping areas a homey, natural appearance. A wooden deck or patio laid with sun-dried tiles allows an easy transition form the indoors into natural outdoor surroundings. Form there, rather than simply mowing or paving paths, construct walkways for guests and boundaries around gardening areas with pebbles or individual pavers. Continue the theme throughout the space by adding seating or an arbor made f0rm reused or upcycled wood.

5) Next-Generation Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor spaces increasingly feature more elaborate cooking setups,, places to lounge, and protection form the weather that ensure you can entertain in the space all year. A wooden pergola, gazebo, or canopy will shelter guests form wind and rain and create shade during hot days. For winter gatherings, put in freestanding heaters or create an outdoor fireplace. Tuck comfortable seating and low-maintenance furnishings into sheltered spots. Full-scale kitchens are usurping the position of grilling stations and simple dining sets, NALP adds. The same a smart home technology you use indoors can now extend to your outdoor kitchen - for example, LED lighting tied to a mobile app or ovens integrated with Wi-Fi to let you keep an eye on dinner while relaxing with guests. Your landscape is a reflection of you and your home, so make sure it lives up to that duty. Transform your boring backyard into a contemporary environment with the help of  Ahmann  Design and your own imagination.

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