Bedrooms Designs Your Kids Can’t Outgrow

Bedrooms Designs Your Kids Can't Outgrow

Decorating a child's bedroom is tough. The adorable nursery you set up when your little one was a baby needs to be tweaked as he or she becomes a toddler, then a small child. The cute race car or princess bed you replaced the crib with is perfect for a few years, but it's designed to become outdated as your child approaches their teenage years. These simple strategies can help you avoid a total overhaul of your child's bedroom every few years and grows with your child only needing minor updates along the way.

Pick flexible furniture. A day bed works for all ages and only needs the occasional bedding update rather than a total replacement. As a bonus, it doubles as extra seating for when your child's friends visit. For other furniture such as the desk and shelving, wood never goes out of style and fits almost any color scheme.


Make organization easy. Younger kids benefit from open bins and baskets to store toys, games and art supplies. Help them sort like belongings into a bin until they learn to (mostly) corral the mess themselves. Older kids can graduate to shelves, drawers and other closable storage.

Don't forget study space. When your child is old enough to have regular homework, you'll want to have enough room to put in a small desk with an adjustable chair. If there's room, comfortable seating in another corner of the room is the perfect place to tackle assigned readings or take some downtime after a long day of learning.

Accessorize with peel-and-stick decals. Available in almost any theme you could think of, wall decals are an easy and affordable way to update a room according to your child's interests without having to repaint or renovate. Let your child help pick out the theme and create a scene on the walls that can be repositioned or changed as they mature.

Add color and comfort with a rug. A colorful or patterned rug makes a bold statement against a bedroom that mostly relies on a neutral palette. A younger child would enjoy a rug that can do double duty as a play space - think a tranquil blue that could serve as a choppy sea or freewheeling lines that could become roads for toy cars. Older kids and teenagers might prefer a rug that can be used as extra seating for when friends come over. Pair the rug with curtains and/or bedding in a matching or complementary color, but don't oversaturate the room.

Decorate the ceiling. It's easy to forget overhead decor, but decorating the ceiling is a great way to add character to a child's room. Try glow-in-the-dark stars or constellations that children can look up at as they fall asleep or a funky pendant fixture that speaks to a teen's personality. Strings of lights around the perimeter add some extra sparkle. Decals are available for ceilings too - try a fun pattern designed to fit around a light fixture or a large cutout that makes it look like your child's ceiling opens up into a clear blue sky.

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