Benefits of Small Luxury Homes

The Benefits of a Small Luxury Home

When we think of luxury homes it’s easy to imagine a palatial mansion with dozens of grand rooms, sprawling gardens and pristine lawns. Maybe a long gravel driveway up to an enormous front door all perhaps hidden behind high walls and a tall gate. But that’s really not the reality for the vast majority of us.

A luxury home doesn’t automatically mean grand and opulent. Rather, .. Where size really isn’t everything.

Smaller homes offer plenty of opportunity for luxury living; a chance to demonstrate the old adage that sometimes the best things can come in smaller packages. For while you may not have the same amount of space as a larger home through imaginative design your small home can be as luxurious as you wish. Still offering a range of benefits for you and your overall lifestyle.

Putting your money to better use

OK, so the obvious benefit from living in a smaller home is the fact that invariably they will cost less to buy and to live in. Lower prices coupled with lower running costs on amenities and energy. For instance do you need the grand dining room of a larger house? When there are a whole range of smaller dining solutions available – offering contemporary or classic style to befit your luxurious standards?

Downsizing doesn’t mean less quality. Perhaps you will free up your money for even more of life’s luxuries – exotic holiday, additional car?

More Manageable Space

For many, the larger home was a necessity when the family were all together. When the kids were growing up, all that space was very much needed. But what about when they’ve flown the nest? Suddenly there’s just two of you left? It might be a beautiful home – we’re sure that it is – but isn’t there just too much space all of a sudden? Space that needs to be filled, needs to be cleaned and maintained?

A smaller house means less space that needs to be managed. Focus your attention on the space that you need, designing them to the luxurious, stylish standards that you’re used to. With removing that unneeded space, and the work required to maintain it.

Lower carbon footprint

As we’ve already touched upon, smaller houses mean less use on resources. You don’t have to heat and light as many rooms, meaning less energy use. While this means that you’re making additional savings on the household budget, it also brings a wider environmental benefit in that your carbon footprint is reduced.

It’s a means of maintaining the quality, style, and luxury in your home life, while remaining energy efficient and getting extra kudos for your ‘green’ living.

Social Benefits of Small Home 

We all want to live in a home that’s as stylish, comfortable, and generally luxurious as possible. Be that chic décor, plush furniture, or the Ultra High-Def TV hanging on the wall. But there’s also the consideration of living in a home that suits your social lifestyle. A huge house with only a few occupants might lead to less interaction; the temptation always there to find somewhere else in the home to sit. Whereas, smaller living environments offers the potential for a more social ambience.

Similarly, if you’re living in a smaller home such as an apartment in a block or complex, there may present opportunities to interact and spark new friendships with neighbours.

Opportunities for even greater luxuries in a Small Home 

Ultimately, depending on how and where you choose to live, there’s even the scope with a small home for you to enjoy even greater luxury than you might be able to have in a large house.

We’ve already said that larger houses tend to mean larger running costs. And that added expense might mean you need to watch the budget when it comes to additional luxuries for the home. Maybe the size of the house means that top of the range TV, or the bathroom suite with jacuzzi, is out of the budget. Luxury items that might just have been affordable in a smaller home with lower overheads.

There’s no one way to live a life, and everyone will have a different reason for the size, style, and type of home in which they live. Either way, the home you have will suit you, and, regardless of size, there’s always opportunity for exquisite luxury, with the right design and a touch of TLC.

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