Bringing the Outside In

Bringing the Outside In: Incorporating the Outdoor Space into Your Home Design

Having an interior that’s warm, welcoming, and comfortable; not to mention easy on the eye, is paramount to any home design. But your home is more than just what’s contained within the walls. It’s the entire space that your property occupies.

Being able to make the most of your outdoor space, in a fashion that complements the interior of your house, can have a hugely positive, and transformative effect on your day to day living; adding an extra dimension to your home life.

After all, with the changing seasons and the coming of springtime, being able to step outside and breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy a spot of al fresco living, can do wonders for our state of mind, our well-being, and bring additional pleasure and joy to our lives. The morning coffee on the veranda or porch, the after-work wind down in the tranquillity of a private garden?

Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

Paying attention to the exterior space in your home is as important as the detail given to the interior; the two spaces working in unison for an overall effect that’s consistent to your tastes and requirements. Of course, all homes and properties are different, and the amount of outdoor space you have to play with will vary from home to home.

Which is where the creativity of your designer really comes to the fore; offering the ability to maximize whatever space you do have in the best way possible.

The key to outdoor space in your property, however much of it you have, is that it can provide an attractive add-on to your overall living space. An alternate, fresh environment in which you can relax, dine, and entertain.

Stepping out from within  Indoor and outdoor: it’s all a part of the same home. So, think about how you transition from the interior to the outside. What kind of doorways will you install to provide a seamless connection to the adjoining spaces? Large patio or French doors that allow for natural light to flood into the home, while opening wide to allow the fresh air in, as well easy access to the outside, for instance.

Similarly, the flow and unhindered fusion between inside and outside space can be further enhanced thanks to the type of flooring you choose. Are you stepping out onto a wood decked veranda? Maybe tiles, or stone flooring of some kind? Perhaps, your home benefits from stepping out onto a finely manicured lawn.

Naturally, every home will differ, the key to the design being that the space should be seamlessly attuned; so, that how you live inside is reflected in the style of the leisure space outside.

Furniture Considerations

This notion is further enhanced through the choice of furniture that you opt for in your outside space.

Again, this comes from a firm understanding of the homeowner’s personal preferences, size considerations, and what the outdoor space is going to be primarily used for. If, for instance, it’s a party home for a house full of adults, then the considerations are going to differ greatly from the family home with young children. Perhaps the choice between fire pits and barbeques, and the splash pools and trampolines?

If you happen to be the kind of people who, from the first day of spring, is set to spend all spare moments in the garden, then the way in which you choose and arrange your furniture is likely to be akin to the way you chose the living room furniture. On the other hand, if you utilize the space in a more add on fashion, then maybe a more temporary furniture solution is required, able to be set out as and when required with minimal fuss.

Overall, your home should reflect the way you choose to live; a blend of practicality, comfort, and style. This is as true on the outside as it is on the in. Designing an external area that connects to the internal, offering a practical, comfortable, and pleasurable extension of your home, can add value, and bring unlimited extra joy to the home and your overall lifestyle.



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