Building a New Home? Think Storage

Building a New Home? Think Storage

When it comes to storage, its easy to fall victim to the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality, but building a new home means you need to have enough places to put everything once you move in. Account for storage from the beginning of the planning process to make sure every square foot of your new home is working for you. These storage options will help maximize your use of the space.

Entrances When you come home, you'll need somewhere near the door to take off your coat and shoes, put down a bag or stash your gym gear. If you have a large family, you might want to build out a whole mudroom to account for everyone's daily outerwear, bags, and other supplies. If you're mainly focusing on where to put coats for a small family and the occasional guest, a coat closet might be enough.

Kitchens and Dining Rooms Kitchen cabinets are obviously a must-have, but if you use your kitchen a lot, an overhead rack for pots and pans is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Add a kitchen island with its own cabinets and drawers to expand storage and prep space at the same time. A house with a dining room that's separate from the kitchen can benefit from the classic curio cabinet or a similar glass-paneled wall unit; fill it with a favorite collection to add a personal touch to the room or stock it with trays and glassware so it's ready for entertaining.

Living Rooms and Relaxation Areas Any room where you'll be spending a lot of downtime needs at least a bookcase or a built-in shelving unit to hold books, magazines, and games. Picture what you're most likely to do in each space, then determine what type of storage you'll need and how much in order to contain it all. For an entertainment room with a large TV, think about adding a coffee table or an ottoman with hidden storage to contain remotes.

Bathrooms Bathroom storage may seem straightforward, but the medicine cabinet and the space under the sink may not provide enough room for the extras that make a bathroom truly welcoming. A skinny bookcase can hold extra towels, guest soaps or extra shampoo and conditioner, allowing your everyday items to add color and character to the room while putting guest's minds at ease by showing them where necessities are stored. A basket or other small storage can hold magazines or a few extra rolls of toilet paper.

Nooks and Crannies For a home with multiple floors, consider turning the space under the stairs into storage closets or, if space is big enough, reading nooks with seating and lighting. Small-scale options like these are especially valuable for homes that don't have vast square footage.

Hobby Spaces Be sure to discuss your hobbies with your home designer as many of them require specialized storage for tools and supplies. Have an idea of what you'll need for your hobby now and in the future, such as shelving at a certain height or pegboards to hang tools. A workshop in the garage or a shed may be best for some pursuits, so don't forget to explore these options with your designer as well.

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