Create a Unique, Modern House Plan

Create a Unique, Modern House Plan

Modern House Plan 57816 Are you having a tough time finding a house plan that perfectly fits your requirements? If the plans you've looked at are falling short, it's time to invest in a custom house plan. It takes Ahmann Design just a few weeks to design most custom house plans, and in many cases, they cost well under the 5-7% of the home price that's typical in the industry. With custom designs from 1,200 to 15,000 square feet, Ahmann is ready to bring your dream home to life. Get the process started by exploring these five design considerations.

Site-Specific Requirements for a Unique, Modern House Plan. Your lot may require some special care when it comes to designing your dream house. A lot that's especially big or small requires careful design so that the house looks proportionate to the lot size, while other lots are unusually narrow or oddly shaped. Work with your designer to create a house that's perfectly sized for its site.

Non-level grading can also pose a problem, especially if the lot is on a slope or a hill. Designers can employ all sorts of tactics to accommodate differing grading, including a walkout basement, garage or storage unit on the lower level. Alternatively, use the lower level as a separate apartment that you can rent out or offer to guests.

Size and Capacity of a Unique Modern House Plan  Put some thought into how many people visit your home in an average day or week. That includes not just the size of your family, but also how often you have guests and how many you typically have at a time. If you love to entertain or your children are always bringing friends over, take that into consideration when you look at the size of common spaces and sleeping areas and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. If it's usually just you and your family, resist the temptation to create an impressive entertaining space just because you might someday want to have a few people over.   Don't forget to also factor in how many cars your family has and how much you plan to use the garage for storage. It might not hurt to build in a little extra room in the garage for shelving units to hold seasonal and outdoor items.

Exterior Preferences for a Unique Modern House Plan  A good designer can help you mix and match complementary pieces of different design styles to come up Modern House Plan 57816 with a house design that's all yours. You may want to keep elements of stately Colonial design but update it to look more contemporary, or perhaps create a sleek futuristic look. Explore design and material options with your designer to see what pops out at you and take notes about what appeals to you.   Your designer can also advise on materials and strategies that are tailored to your location, such as a light-colored “cool roof” to reflect the sun in climates that require a lot of air conditioning. Outdoor Spaces and Recreation How do you envision your yard? Discuss your landscaping preferences with your designer, who may decide to call in a colleague who specializes in landscaping to advise you on the right plants for your location. If you opt for a pool or other permanent recreational features, discuss with your designer how to incorporate those into a cohesive look for the whole yard. This could include meandering pathways to the pool or an outdoor cooking area, designated zones for certain types of plantings, or decorative stones placed strategically to tie the whole space together. Special Features and Amenities Do you need space for hobbies, sports or other activities? There’s no better time than the house design process to carve out room for them. Bring your concerns to your designer and advise them on how your favorite pastimes might impact space design. For example, a storage area for sports equipment might need extra hooks for jerseys and shelves for padding. A crafting room, on the other hand, could probably use several electrical outlets for lamps and a sewing machine, and perhaps a large pegboard panel for hanging supplies. Taking some time to explore these five areas will get you well on your way to designing the perfect custom house. Get a designer involved from the beginning who can help you bring your ideas to life at a cost you can afford.

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