Custom House Plans for 4 Bedrooms

Custom House Plans for 4 Bedrooms

A four-bedroom home is all about flexible space, whether you need all four bedrooms for a big family or want extra rooms that can be converted to additional sleeping areas if your needs change. The design possibilities are nearly endless with a four-bedroom, so explore your current and future requirements and create a house plan that works for you. These considerations can help you get started.

Current Bedroom Needs- If you have a large family, you may decide to use all four bedrooms as bedrooms and stop there. You can build a large master suite with its own bathroom and put in two or two and a half bathrooms to serve the three remaining rooms. If you only plan to have extra guests sometimes - for example, a handful of family members during the holidays - consider including Murphy beds, daybeds or sleeper sofas in the extra rooms so that they can easily be called into action as bedrooms when you need them, regardless of how you use the space the rest of the year.

Amenities- Extra bedrooms can be used as home offices, sewing rooms, exercise studios or other recreational spaces until they're needed for guests or more kids. A smaller family using some of the extra bedrooms as recreational areas might decide to use more space for master suite amenities, like a private sitting room, a separate study or a walk-in closet.

In addition to amenities housed within your extra bedrooms, don't neglect other spaces like the garage. A three-car garage can be used for up to three cars or you can use part of it as a storage unit for seasonal equipment and outdoor gear. Your use of the rest of the house will also determine your needs for amenities like the porch, which can be designed in a number of ways to accommodate bustling families or sophisticated outdoor entertaining, as well as patios, decks or other outdoor gathering spaces.

Other Common Spaces- Your house plan doesn't stop at bedrooms, so examine your family size, entertaining habits and use of the bedrooms when you decide how to design and size other spaces in the house. A large family who needs rooms for lots of children would benefit from a large kitchen and dining room, perhaps with a walk-in pantry, while a smaller family or one that doesn't do much entertaining could downsize the dining room in favor of a larger rec room or another type of specialized space.

Layout- Are you planning to stay in this home for your golden years? If so, consider putting the master suite on the main level to help with aging in place. Direct access from the master bedroom to spaces like the porch or outdoor entertaining areas can also be a useful perk. Layout discussions should also include a discussion of how many levels the house should have; one bedroom can be great for either aging in place or a home with small children, while multiple floors offer a little extra privacy to upper-floor bedrooms.

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