It's that Time of Year Again!

It’s That Time of Year Again!

The kids are back to school and it is time to tidy up your home, get ready for fall, and make sure the kiddos have a great environment to study and sleep. We all know that this is a hard first few weeks getting the kids and even yourself back into rhythm, but there are things you can do to make things go a little more smoothly. Whether it is setting up a place in your home for them the drop their bags when they burst through the doors at the end of the day looking for an afternoon snack, or making sure they have a quiet place to do homework without distraction, you can help your kids have a successful year.

An Open Concept Floorplan

Kids always have so much to tell you when they arrive home from school and as parents we actually want to hear about their day. House plan 54715 is the great design that allows you to be able to interact with your kids and still be able to prep for dinner in the kitchen. This house plan creates an open area for the kids to play and do homework while still keeping mom available while she is cooking dinner. Open floor plans are very popular with today’s buyers, and we’re seeing them in virtually every plan style and area of the country. We all lead such busy lives today that it’s easy to lose that close connection with each other through TV, laptops and smart phones. We think that’s why we are seeing such a high demand for open spaces. People can still interact with each other and be in different parts of the home.

Quiet Computer Nooks and Desks

Older kids like to have their alone time when they arrive home and focus on their homework. House plan 63118 allows the teens to be able to be secluded from everyone and be able to have that alone time they need. 

Lofty Study Spaces

Almost every night your child will have homework, with house plan 61217 you can take advantage of the lofted area that has plenty of room for desk space. It is always a great idea to allow a designated space for your kid to be able to relax and focus on their homework. 

Enjoy the back to school season and make sure you have the right house plan to not only have your kids succeed being students, but you succeeding as a parent as well!

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