Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

What’s Cooking – Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

One of the most important areas of the home, when it comes both to living and to design, is the kitchen. The kitchen design needs to be practical and user-friendly while ensuring a sense of style that befits the homeowner. From a value perspective a beautiful kitchen design is one of the key drivers when it comes to adding value to a property. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key trends in kitchen design that are likely to make their presence felt in the coming year. From changing tastes in layout, furniture, and materials, to new practical ideas for storage and space saving.

Spacious Kitchen Design 

Removing the clutter of items and appliances on the countertop is a trend that interior designers place a focus on when it comes to stylish modern kitchens.

By introducing kitchen designs that contain discrete and compartmentalized storage options you can have a better use of space. Giving coffee containers, spices, or wine racks, for example their own space. Allowing the countertop to add to the sense of spaciousness and size. 

 Kitchen Design using Quartz

Quartz has steadily become a popular alternative to granite. Quartz countertops add a stylish and modern  luxury to the kitchen design market. A design trend that will be growing in popularity into 2017. Moreover, engineering advances in the composite nature of stone surfaces is enabling quartz and similar high-grade stone to find its way into the budgets of many a homeowner.

Not only does it offer a high-class finish to the kitchen design, quartz also makes for a long-lasting and highly durable countertop. 

Larder Style Storage

Following on the theme of de-cluttering and space-saving, there’s a further growing trend in kitchen design for new methods of storage. The aim being to deliver maximum storage, while utilizing the most amount of space. This has led to innovate all-wall storage solutions and modern takes on old style larder storage.

A kitchen design trend that discretely hides the storage behind unit doors. Larder storage offers the ability to store food utensils, and other kitchen essentials in one neatly compartmentalized wall unit. A place for the biscuit barrel, spice rack, kettle, and toaster. Making for a kitchen clear of loose items and making the most of the space available.

Linear Styling

While there remains a popularity for the ‘country kitchen’ style of design, modern alternatives that are tending to come to the fore include minimalist layouts, with sleek, linear units.

Taking advantage of the always popular soft-closing mechanisms, contemporary kitchen designs are also featuring unit doors free from handles, giving the entire suite a clean, straight-edged look. Especially popular in collaboration with aforementioned quartz or other stone countertops.

Smart Kitchen Design 

As we’ve discussed in relation to the overall home design, the evolution of digital technology will continue to influence design features in the key areas of the home, kitchens in particular.

With Google and Amazon already introducing interactive home appliances. With the ease of cell phone apps that can be configured and connected the smart kitchen is a reality for 2017. Coffee machines that know when and how to make your morning brew, or smart cookers giving you control over the phone? Such appliances are already on the market. With technology and design ever evolving into the months and years ahead, there’s no reason to doubt the further development of fully integrated smart-operated kitchens.

As is the case with all design and construction it’s a world that continues to adapt and evolve. New technology and the possibilities available across the spectrum, are critical factors when it comes to kitchen designs that match each individual taste and desire.


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