Luxury Log Cabin House Plans

Luxury Log Cabin House Plans

Log homes are no longer restricted to the tiny cabins of yesteryear. Today's log cabin house plans are a unique reflection of the owner's wants, needs, and personality, from the structure and floor plan to the endless amenity options. Customize your rustic getaway with these ideas for luxurious log building.

Size The first log cabins were smaller affairs that American settlers built to survive the harsh seasons, but today's designs are decidedly larger. Log cabins can now cover thousands of square feet, though not every property is suited for a mansion of logs. Consider the particulars of your site, your intended use of the property and how you plan to use the cabin itself. Will you live in it year-round, or is it a second home where you can get away or host family functions? Do you plan to rent it out when you're not using it? If so, making it too big might limit the number of renters who can afford to rent it out.

Also, consider what else will go on the property. If nothing else, leave some undeveloped wooded space to preserve the woodsy, rural feel that log cabins are famous for. A cabin just doesn't look right without green space.

Windows and Entrances Sturdy log cabins have a surprising amount of flexibility when it comes to windows and doors. Try a bold color for the front door that will pop next to its warm wood surroundings. If you'd prefer something bigger and more impressive, how about a large overhang supported by log columns and stone pedestals or a wall of windows showcasing a grand entryway?

Special Spaces A large, majestic log cabin can really benefit from a great room or another large entryway where the wow factor becomes apparent as soon as a guest walks through the door. You can even incorporate the kitchen and dining room into the great room by using an open floor design that sets these areas off to the side with the use of half-walls or a raised bar with a countertop rather than a full-eight wall.

If you have the room, your log cabin can accommodate just about any hobby. What favorite pursuits do you hope to enjoy in your personal paradise? Think about a wine cellar (a great place to incorporate stone, a natural complement to wood), a theater room with a home entertainment system, or a basement bar with a billiards table. A lofted second floor can house a home office or craft room that need to be located away from the everyday hubbub downstairs.

Landscaping Stone and wood are a perfect pair, so consider introducing some stone elements in and around your log home. Stone planters, decorative boulders, rock-lined borders and flat stone pavers are all attractive ways to incorporate stone around the property. Swaths of wildflowers or decorative grasses provide a logical visual transition from the developed space (the home) to the undeveloped (wooded areas that you preserve on the property).

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