Spring and Summer:The time to build a home

Spring and Summer:

The time to Build a Home

Is there a perfect time of year to build a home? With spring in the air and the long nights of winter are drawing to a close weather conditions become ripe for home renovations and building work.

At Ahmann design we work with our clients to design, craft, and build homes of quality and style in every season. However, there’s no denying that the spring and summer months typically offer some obvious advantages that we can use to propel those projects towards completion.

Why build a home in the spring?

Getting the construction work underway at the start of spring is arguably the optimal time for a productive and timely project.

When you build a home at the beginning of spring you have the entirety of both €˜warmer€ seasons to work through. This helps you towards a quicker completion and a sign off before the fall and winter months kick back in.

That doesn`€™t mean that when you build a home that you remain idle in the cooler months. You can use this time to get started with the planning, designs, architecture, and permit applications. 

Build a home: Spring vs Summer

If you choose to build a home in the springtime you may find that you’re getting the jump on other projects. Why?  Typically the summer months are the busiest time of the year for building projects. If you plan to start the build of your home when summer kicks in then you could run into the possibility of scheduling issues or colliding with other penned in projects. However, should you make your plans thoroughly through the winter, then planning a start at the beginning of spring gives you a better chance to have your project booked in and ready to go with less chance for delays. 

Mid-Summer Rain

While the summer offers long days to help with productivity, there is always the chance that rain may come along. June and July tend to have the highest rainfall averages of the year. With diligent planning and a timely start in the spring can help ensure that your building is well on track and interiors are sealed and protected. This allows for a steady progress towards a completion before the potential of more extreme conditions in the winter. For while rain can be a hindrance, the blizzard conditions of January can certainly bring more of a halt to proceedings.

Build a home in time for the holidays 

For many people who build a home most desire to have it completed in time for the holidays. Being able to have your new home complete and livable in time for Thanks giving and Christmas is the perfect way to celebrate with friends and family. 

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