Top 10 Home Design Trends for your Mudrooms

Top 10 Home Design Trends for Mudrooms

Mudrooms are catchall spaces for household messes - it's right there in the name. But they're still a part of your home design and deserve the same amount of attention as any other room where design is concerned. Don't let your mudroom serve as a boring testament to scattered shoes and wet raincoats. Try out some of these trends and make your mudroom a true extension of your house plan.

1) A Place for Pets

With its original purpose of corralling a home's daily messes, a mudroom is a great place for litter boxes, pet beds, and extra bags of food and litter. Pets can also use the space as a semi-private place to escape the noise of the household.

2) The Universal Home Design Element

A mudroom that wouldn't benefit from a bench is a rare find. This multipurpose furniture seems tailor-made for mudrooms, presenting an easy place for family members to put their bags down while they hang up their coat or take off their shoes. The open space under the bench keeps shoes or storage containers out of the way.

3) Extra Utility

Laundry appliances are a classic mudroom addition that never goes out of style. Mudrooms that are less of an entryway and more of a multifunction space are a great place to put laundry, as the mudroom's traditional benches and shelving help with sorting laundry and organizing detergents and dryer sheets.

4) Seasonal Storage 

Depending on your family's needs, the mudroom's best function may be as a warehouse for seasonal gear. If you have a pool, extra towels and pool toys would be right at home in the mudroom, especially if it's an entryway that's easily accessible from the pool area - that way, no one needs to track wet footprints through the rest of the house to dry off or grab those extra pool noodles. Winter boots and other season-specific items can be stashed in boxes or totes until they're needed.

5) Stock Up on Storage Tools

Embrace this important entry room's mission to keep your daily necessities in a central location and introduce some order. A creative selection of cubbies, hooks, and baskets keep everything contained and ensure boots and backpacks are easy to find the next morning.

6) Central Charging

Turn an outlet into a convenient charging station by simply adding an end table or another place people can put down their phones. A couple of spare phone chargers provide backup in case a guest forgets theirs, and the central location means your kitchen counter won't be cluttered with a handful of mobile devices.

7) Transitional Style

The mudroom deserves a cohesive look that fits with your overall home design strategy, but because it serves as a bridge of sorts between the inside and outside, determining exactly which home design elements to include can be tough. Close the home design gap by incorporating elements inspired by both your interior style and your landscaping.

8) Purposeful Lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of setting the ambiance for any room, and the mudroom is no different. Include multiple sources of light if possible to improve both functionality and mood.

9) Classic Cabinetry

Wooden cabinets with doors add a touch of elegance and allow you to neatly tuck away coats and boots instead of stashing them in plain sight. Choose cabinets with plenty of hooks and shelves of varying heights inside so everyone in the family can easily find and store what they need.

10) Small Decorative Touches

Shelves and nooks in mudrooms are usually meant to store outerwear, shoes or briefcases, but adding a couple of knick-knacks or a sign with an inspirational saying adds some humanity to space and gives it a welcoming feel that visitors will appreciate. Try a throw pillow in a fun print on a bench or other seating or add a personalized touch to a cubby for each member of the family.

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