Transform Your Terrain with a Landscape Architect

Transform Your Terrain with a Landscape Architect

Your grounds should be a joy to come home to, but making them that way isn`t as simple as building a deck or putting in a few beds of flowers. A truly showstopping space needs an expert. Enhance its natural beauty with the help of a licensed Landscape Architect.

What does a Landscape Architect do?

In a nutshell, landscape architects design parks, gardens, backyards, acreages, and other outdoor spaces. Each building, road, walkway, flower, shrub, and tree is carefully placed to ensure the entire space is easy to use and harmonious with the surrounding environment. Depending on the nature of your space, this could include restoring natural spaces that previous occupants changed or developing landscaping features that serve a dual purpose, such as a bioswale that is aesthetically pleasing while still serving as a functional storm water catchbasin and filter. Some landscape architects can also design green roofs or rooftop gardens, creating pleasant features atop buildings that retain stormwater, absorb air pollution, and lower the energy bills of the building below. Additionally, your landscape architect will also work with contractors to make sure all of your new structures, garden beds, water features, and other additions remain true to the design intent.

Why It Pays to Work With An Expert in Landscaping 

Your property isn’t just grass and trees - it`s a fully functioning ecosystem. Adding structures or changing the use of the space requires careful planning by an expert to make sure the landscape maintains a positive relationship to the local watershed, directs the flow of water correctly, and takes local climate into account. Note that unlike a landscape designer, a landscape architect holds a regulated title. In most states, that license requires aspiring landscape architects to meet minimum requirements for education, pass specialized testing, and work under a licensed landscape architect for a set amount of time. These standards ensure that anyone who earns this license meets strict benchmarks for experience and knowledge. However, though all licensed landscape architects have to meet minimum professional requirements, not everyone is the right choice for a certain job. One person may be more of a generalist who can combine all sorts of disparate structures and plants into a cohesive whole, while others may be specialists in one area, such as designing top-notch structures or developing beautiful garden beds. That i€™s why it i€™s vital to interview landscape architects and select the right person for your project.

How to Find the Right Landscape Architect

Creating a great experience for the client is the most important aspect of any landscape architecture project, so approach architect interviews with a few basic ideas of what you would like to achieve. Would you rather have a space that conveys roominess and depth or one that looks cozy? Do you want to spend time in a colorful tropical oasis or among cool, minimalist greenery? Perhaps you are happy with the general feel of your property but want to add a pool or a natural stone waterfall. The right landscape architect can create a space you love that i€™s also easy for you to maintain and harmonious with its natural surroundings. Ask to see examples of their work and make sure you feel comfortable working with them. When you find the right person for your project , you a€ll know - and then the newest member of your team can get to work transforming your space frm bland to breathtaking.

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