Unique Ranch Style House Plans

Unique Ranch Style House Plans

Once falling out of favor, ranch style homes are making a big comeback - in fact, a new Trulia report  names ranch house plans as 2017's most popular home design. These classic one-story homes were first built in 1932 and feature low ceilings, narrow layouts, and simple floor plans that prioritize the living room and kitchen. Try these changes to create a unique ranch style house plan or construct a modern version.

Emphasize accessibility in your unique ranch house plan

A ranch style house plan traditionally occupies just one story, which means it already has a leg up in the accessibility department. Make it even more navigable for people with disabilities by emphasizing universal design concepts such as wide doorways and open floor plans with plenty of space. This has the added advantage of giving the home an airier feel.

Ensure energy efficiency for your unique ranch house plan

Choose energy-conscious appliances and building materials so that you're not paying to heat and cool the whole neighborhood. Investing in a little extra insulation can save a significant amount of money during the heating season, and double- or triple-glazed windows can prevent too much solar heat from entering during the cooling season.

A unique house plan and design.

The simplicity of many ranch style house plans can sometimes feel boxy and uninspiring, but it doesn't have to be that way. Add excitement to each room with pendant lighting fixtures that make a bold statement or furniture that echoes the ranch style's 1950s origins. Even the traditional ranch house focus on simple decor and a small selection of materials offer exciting opportunities to personalize your home. By focusing on a  less is more philosophy rather than your belongings, you'll find yourself prioritizing furnishings, accessories, and artwork that expertly convey exactly what you want your home to say while at the same time providing maximum function.

Extra square feet create a unique house plan 

Adding on some extra square footage can do double duty by both enlarging your home and enhancing outdoor spaces by creating boundaries. For example, adding onto the side or back of a home could help structure the shape of a nook or patio area perfect for outdoor gatherings. Alternatively, if you can't enlarge your home, consider making more use of the footprint you already have by expanding into the garage. If parking space isn't doing you as much good as a home expansion would convert the garage into a rec room or home office. Many vintage homes of this era were built with roomy garages that you can easily finish. Swap out the door with French or sliding doors to complete the transformation.

Explore color. Natural palettes have always been favorites for ranch home designs, especially the classic all-white exterior, but breaking up the tans and grays with a pop of red or turquoise makes a big impact without much trouble. Try a door in a bold color or add some colorful planters to the porch. The plants themselves can also deliver the color you're looking for; to get the most out of this strategy, look for a handful of plants with a variety of textures, sizes, and shapes for maximum visual interest.

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