Cabin House Plans

Cabin House Plans

If you've always dreamed of a rustic getaway in the woods, a cabin house plan may be for you. Whether made from the classic logs or another material, these charming homes pair minimum upkeep with maximum comfort.

Cabins with Character You don't have to sacrifice size or features to use a cabin house plan. In fact, cabin homes range from small weekend properties to large year-round dwellings fit for a family. Depending on how you plan to use the cabin, you may opt for a simple layout on one or one and a half stories or a spacious multi-level home with an open layout perfect for gatherings. Think about how much of the year you plan to spend in the house - will it be your main residence or an extra property that you can use occasionally and rent out during the rest of the year? How many people are likely to stay there at one time?

No matter the size, the wraparound porch is a key attribute of most cabins that provide valuable multifunction space, from a cozy spot to sip coffee in the mornings to a fun greeting space for visitors. Coupled with the large windows typical of cabins, the wraparound aspect gives you multiple vantage points to admire the scenery, an important consideration for a house plan made for natural surroundings.

Would a Cabin Fit Your Family? Cabin house plans  are made to showcase nature, so if at least part of your property doesn't face a natural setting, a cabin might look out of place. However, on the right site, a cabin's rustic beauty could be a perfect fit. Natural stone fireplaces look right at home in surroundings like this, as do warm wooden furnishings and tiered ceilings. The exterior can be as ornate or simple as you'd like; think of a dramatic A-frame full of windows or a private porch for the master bedroom that's peeking out from the top floor, supported by handsome wooden columns.

Even the most luxurious cabins are made to look laid-back and unpretentious, a design staple of this type of house plan, so consider whether a home that's elegant, but decidedly not glamorous, fits your plans for your living space. Many other aspects of cabin house plans are quite flexible, however. For instance, a small cabin can benefit from a lofted bedroom on the second floor - it can become a master suite with the main floor that's dedicated to entertaining, an extra place where guests can stay overnight or an extra storage space for seasonal gear.

Open floor layouts mix well with cabin house plans no matter the size, so they're a natural fit for people who love to entertain or gather with family in large common spaces, like an entryway or a living room. Make sure these spaces feature sizable windows with sun exposure to bring in natural daylight, as this will complement the cabin's nature-inspired construction inside. The right builder will ensure indoor common areas flow naturally into outdoor ones, a consideration that's particularly important for any house style that emphasizes the outdoors as much as a cabin does. Discuss your use of the home and any other important priorities with your builder and designer. With their help, your cabin can become the perfect respite from the stress of everyday life.

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