Modern House Plans for 1.5 Stories

Modern House Plans for 1.5 Stories

The same height and footprint as a two-story home with less square footage, one-and-a-half-story homes are a breed all their own. These flexible dwellings traditionally place the spaces that are most important for daily living on the main floor, with the top floor reserved for additional sleeping space and customized functional rooms. Explore the possibilities - you may find that one and a half stories are the perfect amount.

Key Advantages of Modern 1 1/2 House Plans Above all, homes with one and a half stories are inherently budget-friendly because they're designed around using building materials efficiently and using every inch of space effectively to create a home that looks bigger than it really is. The main floor is usually significantly bigger than the second floor, giving residents plenty of space to eat, live and sleep while maintaining extra space overhead that can be used for more bedrooms or functional spaces, such as a rec room or a home office.

The extra half floor is handy for families with older children or frequent guests, as it allows for a privacy-preserving split bedroom arrangement where the master bedroom remains on the first story and the other bedrooms are upstairs. This type of layout is also a great match for people who intend to remain independent in their own homes as they age; all of the important day-to-day needs can be fulfilled on the ground floor, eliminating daily trips up and down the stairs, but there's still plenty of space when grown children and grandkids pay a visit.

How to Use a Partial Second Floor There are two key ways to show off a partial second floor. One is to use the extra height for a vaulted great room, loft or skylight, lending the entire home an open and airy feel. Alternatively, the second floor can house an extra room in a loft or above the garage while still showing off the high gables and windows that are typical of a half story. This design is so flexible that you don't even have to pick before building your home - the extra room can be finished later at your convenience.

Modern 1 1/2 story house plans are all about optimizing the use of the space, so explore your options for 

creative nooks and crannies that pack maximum functionality into the minimum square footage. Multipurpose areas expand that concept to a whole-room scale, creating space for a home office that doubles as a craft room, or perhaps a rec room with top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment for watching movies. Popular styles for one-and-a-half-story homes include Craftsman, farmhouse and Cape Cod house plans, each with their own unique charm, though your options certainly aren't limited to these classic styles. As with any style or number of stories, explore the possibilities by looking at a wide variety of house plans and consulting with an expert to pick the plan that best matches your vision for your home.

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