Top Design Tips for 3 Bedrooms House Plans

Top Design Tips for 3 Bedroom House Plans

Three-bedroom house plans are the top-selling house design in the U.S. for a reason - they seem to offer just the right amount of flexible space for all kinds of homeowners, from empty nesters to growing families to professionals who need a home office.

Customize your three-room getaway with these popular home design tips.

Plan for adequate bathrooms. Three-bedroom house designs most commonly come with two or two and a half bathrooms. This is one place you don’t want to skimp - three bedrooms’ worth of people cannot reasonably share a single bathroom. Consider where to locate the bathrooms in relation to the bedrooms and whether anyone needs a private bathroom entrance. For example, the master bedroom could have its own bathroom with a private entry, while the other bedrooms could share a bathroom that’s accessible from the hallway.

Consider different design styles. Whether it’s Craftsman or Modern, the house design style you choose may impact the recommended bedroom location and design. For instance, a design that emphasizes family togetherness and connections like a Farmhouse or ranch style would have one floor for both living space and bedrooms. A two-story design style, like a traditional or Colonial, would separate the living space and bedrooms onto separate floors, though you could always put the master bedroom on the first floor for privacy’s sake.

Figure out how the bedrooms will be used. Look at the number of sleeping areas you’ll need and who will sleep in them. If you’re a couple and you’re setting aside a bedroom or two for guests, you can probably safely locate the bedrooms close to each other. Conversely, if you have children, it might be better to set the master bedroom away from the kids’ rooms to keep the noise at a distance.

Think about future expansion. How might your needs change as you live in the house? If you’re planning on aging in place, keep that in mind as you look at floor plans. A three-bedroom house that you’ll spend your golden years in might be best served with at least one bedroom on the main floor and common spaces with plenty of room to maneuver. If you’re a young couple looking at starting a family, you might decide to locate a nursery (which can later be upgraded into a child’s bedroom) close to the master bedroom to make midnight feedings easier.

Put some thought into common spaces. Places where the whole house will gather, like porches, living rooms and great rooms, or even a home theater, should be easily accessible no matter which bedroom you’re using. Consider a more central location for important spaces like these and build inconvenient access routes.

To bonus or not to bonus? Some house plans have bonus rooms that you can convert into a guest suite, family game room, craft studio or other specialty space. If you think you might need to use all original bedrooms as bedrooms, a bonus space might be an important feature for you.

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