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Waterfront homes can be designed with virtually any style in mind. The home with a water view often includes a lower level finish that walks out onto a patio with a view as well as a deck above the lower patio off the main living area of the home.

Common Water Front House Plans Questions

What makes a waterfront home unique?

The beauty of the waterfront home is that it can be designed in any style and any number of floors as long as the main living area of the home has an uninterrupted view of the water. Today’s buyer is looking for an open concept floor plan that lends itself easily for this style. Many times, a wraparound deck is found off the main living area creating an outdoor living space that’s perfect for viewing the water.

There are all kinds of waterfront homes. Oceans, rivers, ponds, streams and lakes all provide different living experiences. When purchasing property for your home, you’ll want to have some kind of idea of how to care for a waterfront home because they typically require more maintenance and upkeep than a home in a regular neighborhood.

What are the pros of building a waterfront house plan?

When deciding to build a Waterfront home, you should consider your lifestyle. Do you like to swim? Are you into fishing? Do the kids love the beach? Any investment involves risk, of course, but generally real estate in waterfront communities appreciates over the long haul. There is only so much land available near the water and the laws of economics reveal that when a desirable resource is limited, it goes up in price more steadily. Those who choose a waterfront lifestyle are typically more outdoorsy people who enjoy the fresh air, water sports of any kind, and beautiful sunsets. Plus, living on a body of water of some kind is supported by many physicians as being better for your health.

Potential benefits of a home near the water include:

  • fresh air
  • beautiful views
  • improved fitness from water activities
  • return on investment

What are the cons of building a waterfront home design?

Homes built on the water tend to have more maintenance and upkeep than a typical home so you’ll want to consider that cost when deciding whether or not to build a Waterfront house. The humidity, mist, erosion, and elements (including salt, if you’re on the ocean) not only impact your yard and exterior of your waterfront house, but also the appliances and furnishings inside. Not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it might mean allocating a bit more toward the maintenance category of the yearly household budget.

Another thing to consider when building a waterfront home are your surroundings. Neighborhoods and land around bodies of water are typically highly sought after and neighbors can often be close in proximity to your building site. You may have tourists and renters coming in and out all around you on a weekly basis, or barking dogs running along the water, so keep that in mind. If you could potentially be bothered by extra-curricular noises from either boats on the water or neighbors, a Waterfront home may not be for you. And don’t forget about the mosquitos. They tend to follow water and can often be bothersome, especially when you’re planning to sit out on the deck and watch the sunset. Waterfront homes can be built in a variety of styles including farmhouse plans and craftsman house plans.

Many waterfront communities also have homeowner’s association fees associated with the property so you’ll want to consider that extra cost when determining if a Waterfront home is for you.

What are some of the features waterfront plans are suitable for?

Windows. Windows. Windows. One of the biggest benefits of building a Waterfront property is the views of the water that are uniquely yours. You’ll want to take advantage of the view in a big way, and windows, patio doors and screened porches or sunrooms are the best way to do it. The added benefit is that windows allow lots of natural light into the living area that make it warmly inviting.

A deck. When building a Waterfront home, you’re likely dreaming of a cup of coffee in your hand as you watch the sunrise early in the morning. A large deck that faces the water is a must in a Waterfront home and should be large enough for many people. You could also consider a private deck off the master bedroom if the master is situated to the rear of the home.

A private dock. Many people choose to build a Waterfront home to take advantage of the boating season and wish to do so directly from their own property. A sturdy deck will also add value to the home for future sales and rental opportunities.

A large garage or a covered boat slip. You’ll want a garage that’s big enough to house your vehicles as well as your boat trailer. If you own a boat, then odds are you’re going to have a lot of different gear and equipment that you’ll want to keep nearby as well and that you won’t want to store inside of your house.

A spacious mudroom. To combat tracking mud, water and sand into the home, be sure to include a spacious mudroom that is near the entry. The last thing you want is for the kids to track the outside in on a rainy seasonal day after being caught on the lake.

Plenty of outdoor lighting. Chances are you’ll want to take advantage of the outdoors at night either on your patio or spacious deck so outdoor lighting is a must. Be sure to look at LED fixtures that can weather the salty air or winter months in a seasonal home.

Building a home on the water is a dream for many homeowners and the rewards are high. As long as you consider every angle, your home, no matter what style, should provide decades of relaxation and fun for the whole family.

Waterfront House plans are also known as:

  • Beach Houses
  • Coastal House Plans

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